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Who Are We?

The Charismatic Catholic Church is a new rite within the one, holy, apostolic and Catholic Church.  In 1968 the Charismatic Rite of the Catholic Faith was established in keeping with the teachings that have come out of the Council of Vatican II.  It  was charismatically brought into existence by the Holy Spirit.  We are the actual modern Catholic Church, continuously being guided by the fires of the Holy Spirit of Love.  As we move into the next century and we allow the Holy Spirit to captivate each of us individually and to guide us, the Charismatic Catholic Church will evolve into a very "unique' Catholic Rite which will direct the spiritual lives of many of God's chosen people .

St. Michael's Catholic Church is a member of CCCC.  It's Pastor, Father Bob,  has been serving this community from its inception.  Father Bob follows the lead of our bishop,  Most Rev.  Raymond Contois, of Bethany Charismatic Catholic Church in Brimfield, Massachusetts.



Bishop: Most Rev. Raymond Contois

Pastor Rev. Robert R. Schumann

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Who are we?

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