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What is A "Rite" ?

Within the Catholic Church there are several branches called "rites". The Latin (Roman) Rite, the Maronite Rite, and the Ukranian Rite, among others are examples of the various rites.  Rites are groupings of local churches ( or "dioceses") who share a common discipline, theological heritage and set of liturgies and rituals, and often a common culture and language as well.  Each rite is headed by a "Patriarch".  The several rites are united together in the Catholic Faith by their unity with the Pope ( the Patriarch of the Western/Latin Church) .   This unity is a unity of "Charity and Peace" and essentials of faith, not one of uniformity in ritual or church laws.  Both the Fathers of the second Vatican Council and His holiness Pope Paul VI spoke openly about the creation of new rites within the Catholic Church to meet new needs and to bring to herself separated brothers and sisters.


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