St. Michael's Catholic Church

Charismatic Rite


My Dear Friends

St. Michael's Church,  Catholic in tradition, is Ecumenical in its spirit and welcomes all people back home to the Lord.  We reach out to everyone encouraging them to put their past aside and become a new creation in  Christ.  At St. Michael's there is no past, only the present and hope in the future.   It is a hope secured for us by HIS love and given to us as a free gift.   In it we find our freedom and creative expression, and are able to live in the wholeness which was always intended for us.  Every person is welcomed as a unique expression of God.  Please know that you are in our prayers and we ask for your prayerful support as well, that the Lord may bless and keep us focused only in him.


Love and Peace

Father Bob Schumann

Father Bob Schumann

Pastor of  St. Michael's Catholic Church  -  Charismatic Rite

1 - 631 - 698 - 2330

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